Why should I attend church?

We are a Community of Faith in which our church is like a home with a family. We feel that we are a welcoming congregation for you are not only greeted at the door but you will be invited to attend coffee after service where you meet others. We are good listeners and offer a hand when needed. Consequently, we become stronger because of that support. One is moved by our Sunday morning services and we always go home with a message. Not only do we support the people within our church but we also strive to be a ‘church without walls’ so that we can support the peoples on the West Shore and wider to the best of our abilities. Please come and see for yourself.

Lew Dudderidge…..lew at 100

I am a Prairie Boy born in 1918 and I feel honoured to have celebrated my 100th birthday with you, the Congregants of Gordon United Church. I have been a member of this Church for many years now and I have seen the Church go through good and not so good times. The Church is more active now than it used to be and I have a great respect for Rev. Heidi in building this church up. Most importantly, I value the friendships of this Congregation for the importance of these friendships have contributed to my longevity.

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