Spiritual Groups

Pastoral Care Team

Gordon United Church is blessed to have a very active Pastoral Care Team who assists Rev. Heidi. They provide a compassionate, confidential Christian ministry of practical and spiritual care, support, friendship and communication to those experiencing need, in ordinary times, as well as times of great joy or challenge.

The members of the pastoral Care Team of Gordon United Church are a dedicated group of volunteers who help our minister in providing continuing and Emergent spiritual and emotional support to those in need in our congregation and immunity. Each volunteer is assigned a number of parishioners to follow, and regular contact is maintained with these people on at least a monthly basis by phone or visitation. The team visits homes, acute care and long term care facilities and accompanies our Minister to give Communion to those wishing to receive it. It is the responsibility of the team to alert the minister and the coordinator of any people who are in need of a call or a visit. It is so important that the members of the congregation notify the church office if there is someone that you feel needs the minister’s or team’s attention. The volunteers are mentored by the minister and each other. Any information shared at our meetings is confidential. Specific training for pastoral care is available.

In 2010 a Prayer Shawl Ministry was added to the Team.  Shawls knitted and crocheted by volunteers have an added note attached “May this prayer shawl, made for you with love, enfold you as a sign of God’s healing presence.  May it warm you when you are weary.  May it surround you with ease in your suffering.  May it encircle you with caring when you are in pain. May it comfort you when you feel alone.  May it remind you of God’s love.    Each Recipient is truly grateful for this caring gesture to help them along life’s way.

Betty Pellaers, a member of our team, coordinates the Prayer Shawl Ministry, and thanks to the expertise of members of this congregation, we continue to give these shawls to people on our visitation list. The response to these is wonderful. It is so rewarding for the team to be able to give a gift that was made with and signifies prayer, warmth, friendship and love!

The pastoral Care Team welcomes contributions of knitted or crocheted Prayer Shawls. To all those who have already donated shawls, thank you so much! They have brought so much joy and comfort.

Each Christmas season our team delivers donated poinsettias to folks on the visitation list.

Many thanks to the hard working members of our team!


Prayer Chain

Our Gordon United Church Prayer Chain keeps the needs of our community in our prayers. The Prayer Chain is a group of people from the congregation who are committed to praying each day for concerns that are brought to them. Prayer requests for people can be sent to the chain by e-mail or phone. Prayers will then be offered. Names and circumstances need not be included with prayer requests and all information that is provided will be kept confidential within the Chain. If you have a prayer request you can send it via e-mail to office@gordonunitedchurch.ca , or you can leave a message at the church at 250-478-6632.

Study Groups

Various study groups are offered throughout the year depending on the interest of the congregation. Please contact the Church for more information about upcoming study groups.