Spiritual Groups

There are several spiritual groups including:

    Pastoral Care Team
    Prayer Shawl Ministry
    Prayer Chain
    Study groups

    Pastoral Care Team

    Need pastoral care? Contact us through Pastoral care email or phone the church office 250-478-6632. All information is confidential.

    The members of the pastoral Care Team of Gordon United Church are a dedicated group of volunteers who help our minister in providing continuing and emergent spiritual and emotional support to those in need in our congregation and community. Activities of the Pastoral care team include:

    1. Making a phone call, sending a card, or visiting in a home, facility or hospital.

    2. Deliver Christmas poinsettias to folks on the visitation list.

    3. Make prayer shawls – The Prayer Shawl Ministry began in 2010.  “Shawls [are] symbolic of an inclusive, unconditionally loving, God.They wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace, mother, hug, shelter and beautify.” (Janet Severi Bristow, 1998)


    Prayer Chain

    If you have a prayer request contact us through the Gordon United Church , phone Nancy Sturrock at 250.479.0239 or you can leave a message at the church at 250-478-6632. Do you need a prayer now? Send your request to Prayer in a minute email.

    The Prayer Chain is a group of people from the congregation who are committed to praying each day for concerns that are brought to them. Names and circumstances need not be included with prayer requests and all information that is provided will be kept confidential within the Chain.

    Study Groups

    Various study groups are offered throughout the year depending on the interest of the congregation. Please contact the Church for more information about upcoming study groups or check the weekly announcements.

    Bible Studies:
    These studies will cover a variety of topics that create various fruitful discussions. The topics strengthen your faith and help you to grow as a Christian in an ever changing world.

    Resources that might be useful include:

      101 United Church
      The 101 United Church study is a great introduction to our church. It provides an overview of our beliefs including the Bible, sacraments, baptisms, communion, inclusiveness, children, marriage and social justice. it is held once per year.

      Click this link for a list of United Church resources might be useful for this course.