Seven Days to Spiritual Fitness

November 4, 2012

Seven Days to Spiritual Fitness
Regular training is the key to success in physical fitness. It is also the key to success in spiritual fitness.

Set aside a few minutes a day for each of these exercises, and you will discover how much joy and meaning they will bring to your life. If possible, keep your spiritual fitness training a private matter, “and your Father, who sees what you do in private, will reward you.” (Matthew 6:4).

Here is a list of things you can do for a week to get you into spiritual shape. Try to follow them in sequence. Eventually you may want to add your own spiritual exercises.

Monday. Do some random acts of kindness.
Do something nice and unexpected to a stranger, street person, visitor, acquaintance, or a pet. Help at a food bank. If possible, keep the gesture anonymous. There are many kinds of persons who will be grateful for your spontaneous kindness.

Tuesday. Surprise someone.
Visit a neighbour. Phone someone. Send a note or letter. Bake a pie. Chuckle. Buy some flowers. Be “other-directed.”

Wednesday. Revisit a Bible story in a modern translation.
Rekindle your memories of stories from the Bible. There are so many good translations that bring the Bible stories up to date. Check out the church library. Sing in the choir.

Thursday. Experience the wonder and beauty of nature.
Take a walk through a “cathedral” of trees. Visit a park you haven’t been to recently. Revisit Butchart Gardens. Breathe fresh air. Feel free. Listen to the sounds of nature. Is there running water anywhere? Look at the flowers by colour.

Friday. Have some quiet time for your self.
Here is St. Paul’s list of “eight noble truths” to fill our minds and thoughts as we meditate.
Whatever things are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honourable. Whatever things are good and deserve praise, “think on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)

Saturday. Count your blessings; write them down.
Create your own prayers of gratitude or petition. Keep a diary or journal of the good things (blessings) in your life. Read some of your favourite hymns as if they were poems (which many originally were).

Sunday. Attend a service of worship and thanksgiving.
A good church service should leave you inspired, renewed, and grateful. Stay and chat after the service. Leave the church believing you will have a day filled with good news.

Monday. Repeat the cycle of spiritual training as often as you
wish. Adapt the exercises to your own spiritual needs and life-style.

Rev Dr. Eugen Bannerman
Gordon United Church
November 4, 2012

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