December 24, 2018 – Reflection: A Westshore Christmas

December 24, 2018

A Westshore Christmas
‘Twas the night before Christmas
And down came the rain
Filling potholes and ditches,
The downspouts and drains.

Mall car-parks were full, fender-benders galore,
As people made that one last trip to the store.
And inside, at home, present-wrapping was busy
With some folks all smiles, others in quite a tizzy.

Poinsettias were brightening many a house
And most creatures were stirring; yes, even a mouse!
Some people were happy, others burdened with care,
As Christmas made scarcity harder to bear.

There were teens back of Walmart, hid from all the crowd’s gaze,
But the manager saw them, and chased them away.
The security guard shook her head with a sigh,
Got them coffee to go and raincapes to keep dry.
She gave them some bus-fare to make their way down
To Rock Bay, where they could be fed, and sleep warm.

Santas Anonymous, Our Place, Mustard Seed,
Shared hampers and presents, met many a need,
While carollers visited seniors and sick folk
Bringing music and laughter and maybe a joke,
To brighten long days and to cheer a dark night.
The gift of their presence chased shadows from sight.

Churches started to fill, and the wonderful story
Of shepherds and angels in all of their glory,
A mother, a father, and one newborn boy
Who brought with him Love that would bring the world joy,
Was told once again – to the doubtful and bored,
To the wide open-hearted – the ones who adore
This child, who grew up to heal and to mend,
Who called those who served alongside him his friends.

He welcomed the sinner, the sick, and the broken,
He’d welcome those teenagers, seniors, the loners;
He’d welcome that manager too, and he’d teach him
How precious each life is, how love can redeem him.
The givers, the hosts, the security guard,
The carollers, workers, and all those who cared,
He’d claim as his own, for their acts count the most
In sharing his Good News on this wet West Coast.

For actions reflect what we really believe
And those who the Christ-child have truly received
Give their best all year ‘round, share themselves day by day,
That others might know the great love born today.
As we sing of the baby, rejoice in his light,
May your hearts stay wide open as they are here tonight;
And as you greet all that this eve holds in store,
Merry Christmas to all in our home the Westshore.

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