Reflection: Camping Sunday

April 24, 2022

Each summer, thousands of children and youth across Canada come together to be in relationship in community, with creation, and with God. Camp is a place where young people are welcomed as they are, it is a place where they … Continue reading

Reflection: An Idle Tale?

April 17, 2022

In his Easter message this year our United Church Moderator pointed out something that is obvious in Luke’s story, and yet somehow we don’t pay very much attention to it: the women believed the strange men at the tomb when … Continue reading

Reflection: Spectator, Supporter, Donor or Doer

April 10, 2022

Why did the colt’s owner let the disciples take his valuable animal?  Do you think he knew who Jesus was?  Was this his way of supporting Jesus’ ministry? Maybe it was his way of participating in a passive way in … Continue reading

Reflection: Glorious Diversity – Sacred Earth, Sacred Work

April 3, 2022

Sermon by Rev. Hilde J. Seal Genesis 11:1-9    Glorious Diversity – Sacred Earth, Sacred Work The Holy Mystery within me         acknowledges the Holy Mystery within you.    In this holy mystery, we are all accepted, … Continue reading