Lent 4 Reflection: Calling all Christians

March 27, 2022

Pop Quiz time: What did Jesus say is the first and greatest commandment, and what is the second!? Love God, love neighbour.  You might say this as back to basics as we can go when we talk about our vocation … Continue reading

Lent 3 Reflection

March 20, 2022

There’s a story about a preacher who was quite popular with some members of his congregation because he always began services right on the dot of 11 a.m. and finished right at noon. Then one Sunday, the impossible happened. He … Continue reading

Lent 2 Reflection: Not Just a Word

March 13, 2022

Friends, today we are reflecting on the power of Love within creation. We’ve heard the commandment of Jesus to love each other – our neighbours, our enemies, those we judge to be like us and those we judge to be … Continue reading

Reflection: Original Blessing

March 6, 2022

Do you have any memories of childhood that involved nature? What can you recall?  I can remember twirling around and around and around until I had to fall down, feeling the earth spinning but sturdy beneath me, gazing up at … Continue reading