Reflection: Among the Tombstones

January 26, 2020

Mark 5:1-20 This sermon is largely the work of Micah Royal, shared with the Narrative Lectionary Facebook group, and is used by kind permission and with great gratitude. Amended for Gordon United by Rev. Heidi Koschzeck I was going to … Continue reading

Reflection: The Word Planted in You

January 19, 2020

Mark 4:1-34 Parables tell seemingly ordinary stories with a surprising twist – like a mustard seed tree!– that make us stop and reflect for a moment and maybe see things in a new way. The quotation from the prophetic writing … Continue reading

Reflection: Kneeling Before the Child

January 5, 2020

Matthew 2:1-12 An image came into my mind this week, and once it got in, I had trouble getting it out. I saw a mother holding a baby. It could have been a mother who had to feed her infant … Continue reading