Sermon: A Lament for Canada Day (from Ps 69)

June 30, 2019

Help us, God! We’re walking through a wilderness of trouble right now And could find ourselves in a deadly trap! All around us are people who claim to have the truth; All around us are people ready to blame and … Continue reading

Reflection: A Big Bright Beautiful God!

June 23, 2019

Psalm 113 Ada and Andi dialogue (Glenys and Rose) It’s a big bright beautiful world, with happiness all around. It’s peaches and cream and every dream comes true… But not for you. It’s a big, bright, beautiful world, with possibilities … Continue reading

Reflection: A Tree By Water

June 16, 2019

Psalm 1 The little tableau we did for the kids is like those scenes in comic strips when a character has to make a decision, and a little devil appears over one shoulder tempting them to do wrong and a … Continue reading