Reflection: Come to the Wedding

March 24, 2019

Matthew 22:1-14 What’s your idea of the perfect wedding? The more the merrier? A select few? How about strangers pulled in off the streets? Is that a wedding you’d want to be at? When I was planning what I call … Continue reading

Reflection: Generosity Unleashed

March 17, 2019

Matthew 20:1-16 “It’s not fair! You have made them equal to us!” Those words might have come from my mouth in the days when I was a student. I REALLY didn’t like group projects, as being one of the better … Continue reading

Reflection: Jesus’ Guide to Church Conflicts

March 10, 2019

Over my 20 years in ministry I have seen and heard a lot of church fights: disagreements about what colour of carpet goes in the sanctuary and what colour of paint goes on the walls; changes in service times that … Continue reading

Reflection: “But Wait – There’s More!”

March 3, 2019

Matthew 16:24-17:8 Who here remembers K-Tel records? Did you know they were the creators of the first infomercials? K-Tel records sold compilations of Top Ten hits by original artists – predecessors of the home-made mixed tape or the playlist of … Continue reading