Going Fishing (a reprise)

January 22, 2017

Ps 90; Luke 5:1-11 Bob was an avid fisherman.  He had half a dozen rods, several different reels, hundreds of lures and hooks, different weights of fishing line, a canoe and a motorboat, and a beautifully carved sign to put … Continue reading

Jesus Drops the Mic

January 15, 2017

Psalm 146 p.868 Voices United; Luke 4:14-30 Do you know the phrase “Dropping the Mic?”  It started out in the rap and hip-hop music scene and now it’s everywhere, from the Instagram accounts of teenagers to a friendly Twitter rivalry … Continue reading

The Clay Bird

January 8, 2017

Jim Burklo’s website    www.jimburklo.com Reflection: The Clay Bird ~Jim Burklo                            January 8, 2017 When Yeshua was born, a star exploded in the sky, angels sang, and three astrologers from the East came to honor him.  And shepherds came, too.  They … Continue reading