May 29, 2016

1 Kings 18:20-40 When I was a child I loved this story of the prophet Elijah.  I loved that he dared the priests of a foreign God to a test, despite the danger he was in from the rulers of … Continue reading

Physician-Assisted Suicide: When Values Collide

May 22, 2016

Romans 5:1-5 In March 2011 The United Church Observer published an opinion piece about assisted suicide by Sheila Noyes of Westminster United in Thunder Bay, who had seen both her mother and her sister die difficult deaths. Her mother died … Continue reading

Julia, Ann and Anna

May 8, 2016

Acts 16:16-34; John 17:20-26 In the time of Napoleon and Jane Austen, and later, in the time of the Victorians, Edwardians and the fictional Downton Abbey, every great house had servants, and those servants “lived in”.  They were not expected … Continue reading

Visions and Shadow

May 1, 2016

Acts 16:9-15 and Revelation 21:10; and 22:1-5 Imagine yourself in exile – far from home, from family, from all that is familiar.  Imagine yourself living in a makeshift home amid streets of mud, where filthy water streams down the path … Continue reading