“When the Path Isn’t Clear”

April 17, 2016

The book of Acts recounts some of the stories of the early church after the crucifixion.  The stories tell us how God was still working through the Spirit in the lived of Christ’s followers.  This story, in particular, describes the … Continue reading

Third Sunday of Easter

April 10, 2016

(John 21:1-19) “Do you really love me?”, Jesus said to Peter.  “Do you really love me?”, Jesus said again.  “Lord, you know I love you!”  Peter said with joy.  “Then feed my lambs,” he said, “Peter, feed my sheep”.  That’s … Continue reading

The Skeptic’s Saint

April 3, 2016

Acts 5:27-32; John 20:19-31; Revelation 1:4-8 It might surprise you to know that I’m a bit of a skeptic.  I’m a skeptic about a lot of the miraculous and mystical theories and events that are so popular in our culture … Continue reading