Poured Out

September 28, 2014

(Philippians 2:1-13) When you visit Philippi, you can visit the ruins of 3 large churches, built near the site of what was once the public market. You can stand in that market, where Paul was first imprisoned for preaching Christianity, … Continue reading


September 21, 2014

Exodus 16:2-15; Matthew 20:1-16 A friend of mine posted a link on a Facebook page to an article on the Momastery website, called “Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt”. The writer, Glennon Doyle Melton was talking about how she … Continue reading

Claiming God

September 14, 2014

Exodus 14:19-31; Romans 14:7-12 Matthew 18:21-35 In times long ago, many mortals claimed to be gods: the Pharaohs of Egypt, the Roman emperors, African chiefs and Chinese emperors – all across the globe there were those who were considered divine … Continue reading