Organizational and Administrative Groups

Church Council
The Church Council is the primary governing body of Gordon United Church. It meets monthly to develop policies and plans that are implemented by various committees and groups of the congregation. An organizational chart shows the connection between the various committees. The United Church Manual outlines membership and responsibilities. They hold an Annual General Meeting yearly and distribute the Annual General Report/Budget

Members of the Council include the Minister, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and the chair of the following Committees:

Communication Liaison

    The Communication liaison keeps the congregation and community informed of the life and work of Gordon United Church and the United Church of Canada.

Ministry and Personnel Team

Presbytery Representative

    The Presbytery representative represents Gordon United Church at Victoria Presbytery as a voting member.

Property & Finance Team

    This Committee supervises the uses of the church property, meeting monthly throughout the year. They look after the following:

    • Arrange rentals.
    • Receive and disburse monies in accordance with an approved budget.
    • Regularly educate the congregation as to the financial health of the church.

Spiritual Leadership Team

    This team is a conduit of information from Council to all Groups who are involved in the spiritual nurture and education of the congregation and vice versa. This includes the Outreach and Service Committee, Christian Formation Committee, Caring and Connecting Committee and Music.

Stewardship Team

    Organizes, develops, and implements a year-round ongoing stewardship program within the congregation. Stewardship can be defined as having the responsibility to encourage all of our Church Family to share their time, money, talents, wisdom and friendship with not only the congregation but the wider society.


    Trustees oversee Gordon United Church’s legal obligations to the community and to the United Church of Canada. This includes insurance and property issues. Key documents include the Trustees Handbook.