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Slogan of Gordon United Church
Mission of Gordon United Church
Values of Gordon United Church
Vision statement of Gordon United Church
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Welcome Home to God, to Faith, to Family, to the Heart of God, in the Heart of Langford.

Our Mission

Together, we honour our faith, engage the present, work for the future.

Values of Gordon United Church

  • Christ – Centered
  • Theologically Diverse
  • Compassion and Care for others.
  • Honouring our Elders
  • Church as Extended Family – Young and Old Alike
  • Welcoming, Hospitable, and Inclusive
  • Excellence in Worship, especially Music
  • Good Stewardship of Resources
  • Committed to Life Long Education for Clergy and Laity (of all ages)
  • Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Lay Leadership
  • Joy

Vision Statement of Gordon United church
God calls Gordon United church to be a viable, vibrant, multi-generational church serving the West Shore communities by:

  • Focusing on both community and global outreach
  • Serving the communities of the West Shore and Sooke as a vital institution
  • Tending to the ministry and pastoral needs of our congregation
  • Becoming more visible and effective in the community, and
  • Being more open as a church for others.

United Church of Canada Values
As a congregation of the United Church of Canada, Gordon united church strives to be:


We are a warm, accepting Christian community that welcomes and values all persons. We appreciate our diversity of gifts as we work together to nurture our congregation and community.


We worship in response to God’s love as shown in Jesus, uplifting spirits of people of all ages in ways that encompass traditional and innovative styles. The sacraments of baptism and communion are a fundamental part of our worship.

Lay Driven

The people are the church. Each of us has something to offer. We tap into all our talents and skills, actively supporting our ministry in leadership, service and prayer. Leadership comes from the laity with our minister acting as a facilitator.

Theologically open

We are a scripture-based, democratic church that welcomes new ideas, challenging opinions and the exploration of values. We encourage participation and progressive change in a reflective, thoughtful, innovative manner.


We listen to our local community, responding to unmet needs and concerns as an expression of our commitment to the gospel. We make our church and its programs accessible to our region and we share in the global outreach of the greater church.

United Church resources
The following resources will help you discover more about the United Church of Canada.