There are a variety of ways to give to the church. These include:

    1. Volunteering your time (all of our groups would welcome a volunteer!)

    2. Giving money – Donations can be made to Gordon United Church as an “In Memorium”, towards a special project, our Outreach and even to our General Funds.

      a) Credit Card or PayPal

      b. Cheque or money in a donation envelope for receipts (ask Linda DeMambro for these)

      c. PAR (Pre-authorized remittance). Your account will be debited on or about the 20th of the month. Fill in an authorization card and attach a sample check marked “Void”. Contract LKen McDougal for signup. These forms are also often in the offering plate.
      PAR Authorization Form

    3. Collecting items

    • Used Stamps and Campbell Soup Labels.
    • Wool and empty Prescription Bottles
    • Socks and toiletries
    • Country Grocery receipts
    • Tabs off soda cans
    • Food items for the food bank
    • Items for Our Place
    • Used or new clothing
    • Support to refugees