There are a variety of ways to give to the church. These include:

      1. Volunteering your time (all of our groups would welcome a volunteer!) Here are a few current activities:

Teacher needed for Sunday School: Thank-you to those who have volunteered to help. We could also use an extra substitute teacher, who can prepare lesson plans and lead them. Curriculum is
provided. Please speak to Jennifer Burgin or to Rev. Heidi if you can help!

Volunteer garden help required anytime during the week to help with the Church flower gardens.
Even an hour makes a difference! Contact Judy Muir at (250) 478-9650.

2. Giving money – Donations can be made to Gordon United Church as an “In Memorium”, towards a special project, towards Outreach and even to our General Funds. Tax receipts are issued once per year usually in March.

        a) Credit Card or PayPal

b. Cheque or money in a donation envelope for receipts (ask Linda DeMambro for these) Tax receipts are issued once per year usually in March.

c. PAR (Pre-authorized remittance). Your account will be debited on or about the 20th of the month. Fill in an authorization card and attach a sample check marked “Void”. Contact Ken McDougal1 for signup. These forms are also often in the offering plate but can also be downloaded by clicking the following link to our form:

PAR Authorization Form

3. Collecting items

    • Wool and empty Prescription Bottles
    • Socks and toiletries
    • Country Grocery receipts
    • Tabs off soda cans
    • Food items for the food bank
    • Items for Our Place
    • Used or new clothing
    • Support to refugees