Hall Rental, Banquet Facilities, Meeting Space, Concerts & Recitals This outlines all the various rooms we have available to rent.
Cry room
History of the Gordon United Church Building

Bibles, study reference material, pastoral care, general books and magazines pertaining to religion or spiritual aspects are available in the church library located in our Christian Education Room. Our library is run by a volunteer who keeps things filed and organized. The library is open when the Church is open and is a self serve system. The books are filed in alphabetical order according to the author.
Books may be signed out by signing the information on the card at the front of the book. The card is placed in the holder provided.
There is no due date but request that the books be returned by 4 – 6 weeks of signing out.
Children’s books are available which are used on an honorary system by our children.

Our sanctuary is available to you anytime during the week when the building is open. Please ask the Office Administrator to let you in. The Sanctuary is also available to rent.

Cry room The church has a cry room where parents can take their child and still enjoy the service.