AGM Reports & Council Minutes of Meetings

Thank you to all those who come out each year to the Annual General Meetings.  Everyone enjoys the Pot Luck lunch and more importantly participating in the productive meeting.  For those of you who want a reminder of what was discussed, or for those of you who unfortunately were not able to attend, we have placed a copy of the minutes online.

To obtain a copy of the AGM Report and Minutes click here.

Council meets each month.  Their mandate is broad-based and touches upon all aspects of the life and growth of the congregation. That is, to:
a)  Discern God’s vision of the church;
b)  Establish parameters for the Team/Committees;
c)  Monitor the Team/Committees;
d)  Ensure good communication;
e)  Develop the processes for the Council’s work;
f)  Oversee conduct of members and adherents;
g)  Attend to matters outside the parameters of other Team/Committees;
h)  Create new Team/Committees as needed;
i)  Liaise with Presbytery on matters of petitions and appeals;
j)  Support lay ministry, pastoral relations and the constitution of Pastoral Charge;
k)  Organize and call congregational meetings at least annually;
l)  Give direction to the Board of Trustees concerning matters of property.

To obtain a copy of the Council Minutes click here.