Faith for today, Faith for Tomorrow

Our Mission

Together, we honour our faith, engage the present, work for the future.

thinking about joining a worship community?  

Gordon United meets for worship every Sunday morning, starting with favourite hymns and announcements at 10:15, followed by regular church service at 10:30 am. Our music combines both traditional and contemporary elements. We welcome children to the service and a fellowship time with tea and coffee is held afterward. You are invited to join us as often as you can.

Gordon United strives to make a difference by deepening and acting on our faith; responding to God’s ancient call to live justly and peaceably.  Join us any time, as often as you like.  We hope that you will consider making Gordon United your church home.

Need a quiet place to sit and reflect?

Our sanctuary is available to you anytime during the week when the building is open. Meditative and other spiritual books are available in the church library. If you have a specific time in mind, please phone the Office and we will endeavor to have the sanctuary open for you.

As a congregation of the United Church of canada, gordon united church strives to be: 


We are a warm, accepting Christian community that welcomes and values all persons. We appreciate our diversity and gifts as we work together to nurture our congregation and community.


We worship in response to God’s love as shown in Jesus, uplifting spirits of people of all ages in ways that encompass traditional and innovative styles. The sacraments of baptism and communion are a fundamental part of our worship.

Lay Driven

The people are the church. Each of us has something to offer. We tap into all our talents and skills, actively supporting our ministry in leadership, service and prayer. Leadership comes from the laity with our minister acting as a facilitator.

Theologically open

We are a scripture-based, democratic church that welcomes new ideas, challenging opinions and the exploration of values. We encourage participation and progressive change in a reflective, thoughtful, innovative manner.


We listen to our local community, responding to unmet needs and concerns as an expression of our commitment to the gospel. We make our church and its programs accessible to our region and we share in the global outreach of the greater church.


As one of the two sacraments celebrated by the United Church, baptism is an important part of our faith life.  It is a recognition of God’s grace and a formal welcoming into the global Christian community.  In the baptismal vows, clear commitments are made by both the parents and the congregation. Because of the lifelong nature of these commitments, it is essential that the sacrament be as meaningful as possible.  To that end, national and local policy have been developed to offer guidance as to the appropriate preparation for receiving baptism.  Contact our church office during the week and leave your request, your name and your number.  You will be contacted and a mutually convenient meeting time will be arranged between yourself and the minister or a Session member.


Congratulations! We rejoice with you in your decision to be married.  Christian marriage is a lifelong commitment that is made to God by two people in front of family and friends. If you are a member of a faith community a marriage preparation course is recommended in the planning stages with the Minister.  If you are not a member of a faith community you will be required to undertake the marriage preparation course before being wed through Gordon United Church.  There is more to marriage than one ceremony.  We at Gordon United are here to support your marriage.  In the coming years, know that you are welcome in our community, whether you be seeking worship opportunities or a place to talk about the realities of married life.  If there is any way in which we can be of service, please let us know.

Funeral and Memorial Services at Gordon United Church

Our commitment to you is to assist you in creating a Christian service that celebrates the life of your loved one in a personal and meaningful way.  The service is created in conversation with our minister in hopes that it will reflect the life of the deceased.  When you meet with the minister you will be asked to reflect on the deceased’s life, recall stories that capture his or her spirit and articulate what he or she valued.  This information will be used to build a service that is personal and meaningful.  At minimum, services include prayers, scriptural readings and words of remembrance.  In addition, some services include instrumentals, soloists, choirs, hymns, readings from favourite authors, presentations from associations and clubs, open opportunities to share memories and other special elements.  Although the minister is willing to lead the entire service, family and friends are encouraged to participate.

Catering is available through arrangements with the Church Office or Minister.