What’s New at Gordon United Church

In an effort to avoid duplication (and with so much information to share during this time of adjustment), please also watch for all the latest news on our Home page and also in the Sunday Announcements.  


Sunday Evening Reflection 7:00pm Sundays

Rev. Heidi hosts on YouTube, with a devotional format of prayer, a reading or two, silent or spoken reflection and a chance to chat together about the reflection. CLICK HERE for our YouTube channel link. Once you are there, you will see the last few videos we’ve posted and you can click on the latest one to view it. If you simply wish to view the video, you don’t need to log into YouTube.  However, if you do log in, you can participate in a live chat (via typed comments) that will take place at the appointed time. Rev. Heidi is available to help with technical issues during her workweek (Sunday to Thursday). Contact the church office to be put in touch with Rev. Heidi.