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We have an exciting concert announcement! 

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Have you been wondering what to do with yourself between Remembrance Day and Advent?  Wonder no more!  Ms. Music  will be a free piano concert of light classical music, broadcast on YouTube and/or our own website.  We wish it could be live but it will be recorded in our sanctuary on our grand piano by our very own summer pianist, the fabulous Jeanne Campbell! We hope you will “tune in”. The concert will be online from Friday, November 13 for about two weeks. Donations will be welcome and proceeds will go toward the increased expenses related to our online ministry at Gordon United Church.  Please share this news with all your friends.  Volunteers to put up posters will be welcome.  Contact the church office for flyers.

This is the direct link to Tim’s Hymns on SoundCloud. Gordon United Church’s wonderful Music Director!




October 23, 2020

Council Update: Exciting News!
Advent is coming, praise God! With it comes the re-opening of our beloved church, on the second Sunday in Advent! Yea! In-person times of gathering will resume December 6th although, of course, new ways of attending will be required. The plan is to begin with small groups, spaced well apart, to watch the pre-recorded services. Please read all the details below:



This week’s message from the Safety Team

The Safety Team have been meeting every two weeks, discerning what needs to be carried out for the reopening of the Gordon United Church on December 6th. We realize that the beginning of Advent actually starts on Sunday, November 29th.

However, the Team and the volunteers required to carry out the amount of preparation work need all of this time in order to be ready for opening on December 6th.

The development of the Safety Plan has been completed and will be posted among other policies and guidelines.

Sanitizing Training has been scheduled for Monday, October 26th for the Safety Team and for the members of Property & Finance. This training will be carried out by Rev. Alanna Menu, who has in-depth knowledge and experience on sanitization. Rev. Alanna has graciously offered her time to do this for us. After this session, the Safety Team will set up teaching sessions for Council members and other volunteers, such as ushers and greeters.

The Sanctuary Pews are being removed for various safety reasons as stated in last week’s update (copied below). They will be replaced by more comfortable chairs offered by Broadview United (Cadboro Bay United & St. Aiden’s United) for the price of a donation. Arrangements are currently being made to have the chairs transported. The Safety Team feel that this is a ‘GOD MOMENT’.

Other tasks include a safety barrier in Heidi’s office, the purchasing of spacing markers, directional arrows, etc. As you can see, there is much work to be done over the next few weeks. We are asking for volunteers to please help us out so that this work can be completed for our reopening date of December 6th. Please call the church office at 250-478-6632 if you are able to help. Thank you in advance for offering your assistance.

The intention of these news quips is to keep the Congregation informed of the reopening process as it evolves. Please stay turned.
The Safety Team

Last week’s message from the Safety Team
This was sent by email Oct 16:

The Safety Team was originally formed to adapt a COVID 19 Safety Plan from Centennial United Church with permission from Reverend Alanna Menu. In the process of adapting the Safety Plan to comply with the attributes of Gordon United Church, it became apparent that there was a possibility of reopening our church. Under the leadership of Melanie Ihmels, we were able to discern with great hope for this reopening.

Several recommendations from the Safety Team came to the Council Meeting on October 13th, 2020. The following recommendations were approved by Council at that meeting.
● Plan on how to put the Covid19 Safety Plan into operation for opening.
● Remove the pews and replace with chairs which would ease the entry and exiting of people more safely and serve as a multi-purpose area.
● Preregistration for church attendance.
● The actual service would be a presentation of the weekly on-line Video Service in the Sanctuary on Sunday morning as well as the continuation of on-line service.
● Timeline-beginning of Advent, Sunday Dec 6th for church opening.
● Ongoing evaluation is required… what is working and not working. Address the issues.
● If successful, plan for the next opening phase.
In order to open the Sanctuary on December 6th, there is much work to be done. One of the tasks will be the removal of the pews simply for the reason to ease the entering and the exiting of people from the sanctuary in the name of safety for everyone. Also, all of the cushions which are currently on the pews must be removed due to inability to sanitize them properly because of the materials. The chairs are as Judy Muir states in her following message is that “being able to sit in a pew and feel like I am in church. It’s what I grew up with and spent most of my church life sitting in. A calming, warm experience”. We as the Safety Team members are positive that many of us feel the same way as going to church and sitting in a pew is what we grew up with. Today however is different. COVID 19 has changed our world and it dictates what we can and cannot do. We keep asking the question “What will our Church look like after all of this?” After much discernment by the Safety Team and Council, it was decided to remove the pews for the safety of all in the church sanctuary.
Please read the following message as written by Judy Muir, Vice Chair, Trustees
With respect, The Safety Team

Me and Pews
To me going into a church means being able to sit in a pew and feel like I am in church. It’s what I grew up with and spent most of my church life sitting in. A calming, warm experience.
Now with COVID, its different. Having been on the Property and Finance Team for so many years I am familiar with the amount of work that will be involved in sanitizing the pews and public spaces. This will be for a very long time.
Over the years Council has discussed removing pews and replacing them with chairs to make it easier and more comfortable for some folks to enjoy Sunday services. The back pews were the first to be removed and chairs set up. A few years ago Council discussed the pews again and decided to remove the middle 2 pews on each side of the church. It was understood that these pews were Oak and advertised as such. There was immediate interest from a Contractor. When he first saw them, he said; “They are not Oak, they are plywood!” That seemed to deflate the value of the pews.
If the pews were removed and chairs set up it would allow for better social distancing as folks arrive for the Sunday Service. After the service each chair would have to be totally sprayed and wiped down. The logistics of maneuvering between the pews to sanitize the areas where folks have slid across or touched would be enormous. Due to the restrictions of how many people are allowed in each church area, the chairs in the Sanctuary would also allow for more meeting space as needed.
Now as we look forward to the reopening of our church, if the pews are removed, I will personally shed a tear. They have a history. Taken from the historical notes of the 60th Anniversary “4 couples made up the committee for choosing pews. They went to Fairfield United, Seventh Day Adventist and a 3rd church and took features from the pews. The ones chosen were to fit our backs and cost $85.00 each”.
I support Council on the tough decision that they had to make. Judy Muir


Minister’s Welcome

2019 08 Rev Heidi & gladiolas
Reverend Heidi Koschzeck

Welcome to the Gordon United Church webpage! Gordon United, like many churches, feels like family for many people who attend. The bigger the family the better, as all are our sisters and brothers in Christ. Our goal is to be both a welcoming congregation for those who come in but also an active part of the community beyond the church building.

This is a group of people who really enjoy being together, and would be glad to have you become a part of the family. All ages, abilities, or backgrounds are invited to become involved in the life of this Christian community. A special welcome is extended to our LGBTQ2S+ friends.

1 rainbow
You do not need to be a regular church attender, or a Christian to feel welcome here.

Bringing the generations together is important to the congregation.

Find out about our Children’s Ministry and Messy Church.

Worship is a mixture of the traditional and the contemporary, preaching is Biblical and related to everyday life. Members of the congregation take an active part in leading worship.

Gordon United strives to make a difference by deepening and acting on our faith; responding to God’s ancient call to live justly and peaceably. Join us any time, as often as you like. We hope that you will consider making Gordon United your church home.

Gordon United Church has been known to be a very friendly church. We try to make everyone feel welcomed and “at home”. Please talk to us if you have ideas on ways for improvements so that we can be the best that we can possibly be for our community within the Church and outside of our walls.

There are opportunities to get to know one another, to learn together, and to make a difference in the community and in the world. The United Church of Canada is a “big-tent” denomination, with lots of variety in how people follow Jesus and what they believe. This is a place where asking questions is not just allowed, but encouraged!
All who wish to explore what it means to follow Jesus are welcome in this place. So please come and join us exactly as you are — you are welcome in your blue jeans. Coffee/tea/juice is always served after the service. I look forward to meeting you.

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