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Our Music Director position is now open. Please click below to review the job posting and job description for more information and details on the application process.

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Worship services moved ONLINE ONLY
Important COVID19 announcement!

Due to the growing danger of infection from the Omicron virus and after much wrestling in spirit, Council has decided to move worship services online only until further notice. The full Sunday worship services go live at 10:15 a.m.  Print copies of services are available from the church office.

The Zoom chat following the services has re-started, beginning January 9th at 11:15am.  Please see your Friday email for the connection details.

Rev. Heidi’s Sunday Evening Reflections continue on YouTube.  Tune in to our channel at 7:00pm each Sunday.

Online services and reflections can be watched at any time after they have gone live.  Our Gordon United Church YouTube channel has your one-stop shop for current and past videos: CLICK HERE FOR OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Once you navigate there, you will see the last few videos we’ve posted.

Thank-you, and remember, in spite of it all. Jesus is still with us, the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.

Rev. Heidi for Gordon United Church Council

Rev. Heidi hosts a short online evening reflection via YouTube on Sunday evenings at 7pm, with a devotional format of prayer, a reading or two, silent or spoken reflection and a chance to chat together about the reflection. The YouTube channel is at this link: CLICK HERE. Once you navigate there, you will see the last few videos we’ve posted.

If you simply wish to view the video, you don’t need to log into YouTube.  However, if you do log in, you can participate in a live chat that will take place at the appointed time.  Rev. Heidi is available to help with technical issues during her workweek (Sunday to Thursday). Contact the church office to be put in touch with Rev. Heidi.

The church building is still open for some regular activities.  Please review the Provincial Health Rules and Gordon United Church’s New Update to the COVID19 safety policy: In keeping with the latest announcements from Dr Henry we now require all people age 5 and up to wear a mask while inside the church building.

Please read the Safety Protocols below and CLICK HERE for the Sanitizing Procedures.

Gordon United Church Council is very concerned about the rising number of cases tied to the Delta variant of COVID19. In order to comply with provincial safety regulations and still be able to offer ministry in-person and indoors, and to safeguard the well-being of the vulnerable among us as our faith demands, the following requirements were adopted by Council on September 7, 2021:

1. Masks are now required for all groups in the church including worship services, tenant groups, support groups, church groups, short-term renters, etc.

2. Proof of immunization is required for all adults and children Grade 6 and older as of Sunday morning, September 12th (vaccine records, and official vaccine cards (“passports”) accepted when available.) Records will not be kept week to week in order to preserve privacy. Contact tracing records will be kept for 45 days, then destroyed.

3. Those medically exempt or under 12 will not require masks or proof of immunization, though masks are encouraged for children age 5 and up. For adults, proof of exemption will be requested.

4. “Support groups” (eg. 12 step groups) are required to mask while in the building, but can decide for themselves whether they will require proof of immunization.

5. We ask that all groups spread themselves out in the available space in order to provide physical distancing.

6. All tenants and church groups are responsible for ensuring that folk cooperate with the new restrictions.

7. Assistance is offered to those in the congregation who may not have the technology to access or print vaccine cards.

8. Those unable to attend indoor worship services due to their vaccination status are able to attend outdoors/in their cars using the FM broadcast. They can also receive audio recordings and/or mailouts of the service as soon as we can get them out the following week. Emailed text copies can be sent in time for the Sunday service. For communion Sundays packaged communion cups will be available for pick-up outside the church.

9. For in-person communion services, communion will be served using bread served directly by servers and cups that will be spaced so that fingers will not touch more than one cup. The packaged communion cups will also be available.

10. For any food service: coffee after church, memorial receptions, community dinner, etc., food and drink will be handled as per this recent update to the food safety policy:

  • Food may be served as per normal practice at GUC, observing all Food Safe principles.  Any self-serve stations require people to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 secs or use hand sanitizer EVERY TIME they help themselves to beverages or food.  Any shared items such as tongs, serving spoons or coffee urn handles should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.  Please do not share food, and make sure to give each other space.  Do not forget to wear a mask when not eating or drinking.

11. Sanitizing procedures for high touch areas will remain in place. Training in sanitizing is available to all groups.

We recognize that this will add another layer to the work of ushers, hospitality folk, greeters, group leaders, etc.

We will need folk to step up and take part. We would especially like to hear from individuals who are comfortable asking for the health info and who would be ready to interact with any folk who may be distressed or angered by the restrictions.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Gordon United Church Council





Minister’s Welcome

2019 08 Rev Heidi & gladiolas
Reverend Heidi Koschzeck

Welcome to the Gordon United Church webpage! Gordon United, like many churches, feels like family for many people who attend. The bigger the family the better, as all are our siblings in Christ. While our ability to attend in person is limited during the COVID19 pandemic, we remain committed to one another and to our ministry. Our goal is to be both a welcoming congregation for those who choose to become involved but also an active part of the community beyond the church building.

This is a group of people who really appreciate each other and would be glad to have you become a part of the family. All ages, abilities, or backgrounds are invited to become involved in the life of this Christian community. A special welcome is extended to our LGBTQ2S+ friends.

You do not need to be a regular church attender, or even a Christian to feel welcome as part of Gordon United.

Bringing the generations together is important to the congregation.

Find out about our Children’s Ministry and Messy Church.

While these programs have been suspended during the pandemic, updates and activities are posted on both the Gordon United Church and Messy Church Westshore Facebook pages. Home worship packs are also distributed at special times of the year.

Worship is a mixture of the traditional and the contemporary, preaching is Biblical and related to everyday life. Members of the congregation take an active part in leading worship, whether online or in person.

Gordon United strives to make a difference by deepening and acting on our faith; responding to God’s ancient call to live justly and peaceably. Join us any time, as often as you like. We hope that you will consider making Gordon United your church home.

We try to make everyone feel welcomed and “at home”. Please talk to us if you have ideas on ways for improvements so that we can be the best that we can possibly be for our community within the Church and outside of our walls.

There are opportunities to get to know one another, to learn together, and to make a difference in the community and in the world. The United Church of Canada is a “big-tent” denomination, with lots of variety in how people follow Jesus and what they believe. This is a place where asking questions is not just allowed, but encouraged!

All who wish to explore what it means to follow Jesus are welcome in this place. So please come and join us exactly as you are — you are welcome in your denim, your joggers or your flounces and frills. I look forward to connecting with you.

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